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At Eco Home Heroes, we take air duct cleaning to a new level. We genuinely care about the quality of air you and your family or coworkers breathe in each day. That's why we go above and beyond and take extra time to do a thorough job for all of our customers. We use the most professional equipment and techniques, certified with NADCA & QUADCA, and constantly work to offer more value and better service. Below are some of the reasons we are one of the top rated companies in Las Vegas and a great choice for your air duct cleaning needs.

Questions to ask to avoid the scams

The process of air duct cleaning is new to many people especially new home owners. With pricing ranging from $7/vent to over $1500 for a small home, the industry can be very confusing. Answers to these questions will help you determine if the air duct cleaning company genuinely cares about your air quality and does a thorough job or if they are just in the business to make a profit.

NADCA sets standards for technicians to know and understand air duct cleaning. QUADCA sets
standards for companies to use the proper tools and techniques. Most companies that
are certified uphold their member obligations. Be sure if their technician servicing your home is NADCA Certified.

Compressed air whips are the most professional method of cleaning air ducts and the safest method for flex ductwork. Although
the rotary brush is used often, it lacks the complimentary aspect of compressed air when the goal is removing particles that can become airborne. There’s several videos on YouTube demonstrating the ineffectiveness of only using the brush technique. 

To properly clean an air duct you must first remove the register or vent cover, inspect for damage or debris, and use an agitation tool (air whips or rotary brush) inside the duct while connected to a negative air machine. Some companies only clean the first few feet, some use a small slim whip that fits inside the register and never look inside the duct they are cleaning. And if you go on Groupon they might not even clean the supply ducts at all without a huge upcharge. 

Many companies have deals just to get in the door only to upsell other aspects that make for a complete job or skip important aspects to save costs. Make sure all your supplies, returns, circulation vents as well as disinfecting is included in your final price. And be sure to ask the price for cleaning the Air Handler Unit as it may be needed to improve your air quality. 

Unless a company has visited the home and provided an in-home estimate, there are always going to be additional fees for certain circumstances. High ceilings, 2 and 3 story homes, & HVAC cleanings are some of those common additional fees. 

When improper techniques or inefficient equipment are used, dust inside your air ducts may end up inside your home. Some companies try to play this off as a “deep clean”. This should never be accepted as satisfactory work. The dust and dirt inside your air ducts are the very thing you are trying to get rid of to improve your air quality. 

A company that has nothing to hide will gladly show you proof of their work. Be sure to see photos of your returns AND your supply ducts as several companies only show you the return because it’s easy to clean.

It takes time to properly clean an HVAC system. Depending on how many techs are working, a small home (under 1500 sqft) should require a minimum of 2 hours with 2 technicians if they are doing a thorough job. 


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