HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Performed by our EPA Certified HVAC Technicians

regularly hvac maintenance Helps avoid costly repairs

Much like an automobile, there's a lot of warning signs prior to a major issue happening with your HVAC system. Identifying failing capacitors or fan motors, clogged drain lines, loose wiring or improper heating/cooling temperatures early enough can help prevent a potentially disastrous situation from occurring in the near future.

Our HVAC preventative maintenance service is handled by our trained EPA Certified technicians to go through a comprehensive list of factors that may need attention, as well as offer the routine cleaning that is associated with HVAC systems.

LEVEL 1 - Inspection

  • Filter Inspection/Cleaning/Replacement
  • Wire Safety Check
  • Output Temperature Check
  • Check Relays/Contactors
  • AC Capacitor & Fan Motor Check (Summer)
  • Air Handler Capacitor Check
  • Air Handler Motor Check
  • Visual Inspection of Connectors
  • Test Emergency Shut-Offs
  • Check Carbon Monoxide Level

Level 2 - Inspect & Clean

  • Everything from the Level 1 Inspection┬á
  • Flush & Clean Drain Line
  • SUMMER – Clean/Check AC Coils with Chemicals
  • WINTER – Clean/Check Burners & Furnace
  • Visual Inspection of 1 Supply & Return Duct
  • Indoor Air Quality Test


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