Air Duct Cleaning

NADCA Certified | 5-Star Service | Residential & Commercial

We only use the best equipment and techniques to clean your air ducts. We are rated 5-Stars everywhere, fully licensed and insured, and our techs always do an amazing job - just read our reviews! We have done homes and offices as small as 900 sqft. to over 10,000 sqft. for customers on every side of Las Vegas. We treat all of our customers equally with great service, great attitude & great pricing. Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are breathing clean air when we leave.

What's Included

  • Complete Air Duct Cleaning
  • Vent Cover Cleaning
  • Disinfectant Fog
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • New Air Filters
  • Before & After Photos
  • NADCA Certified Company
  • Truck Mounted Equip.
  • Flat Rate! No Hidden Fees
  • Honest & Friendly Service

Why Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Over time, your air ducts collect dust and pathogens such as pollen, dust mites, mold and more, impacting the airflow and quality of air within your home. Having your air ducts & HVAC units routinely cleaned is essential to maintaining an efficient HVAC system and a clean, healthy home. It's also highly recommended when you move into a new home to remove the unknown pathogens left behind from previous tenants.

Don't Just Trust Anyone To Clean Your Air Ducts

Hire the NADCA Certified professionals at Eco Home Heroes. While many companies use inexpensive equipment and ineffective techniques, leaving dust and dirt behind, we only use the best equipment and the best techniques to thoroughly clean your air ducts.

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Amazing Service

From start to finish our staff does an amazing job for all of our clients. We are an honest, friendly and professional company.

Experienced & Certified

Our tech has over 10 years experience in air quality control and we are a NADCA certified company.

Affordable Price

We are proud to offer some of the most affordable pricing from a NADCA certified company in Las Vegas.

Why Choose Us?

At Eco Home Heroes, we care about the quality of air you and your family breath in each day. That's why we always do a thorough job at cleaning your air ducts, with industrial strength equipment and proper techniques to help rid your home of harmful pathogens. Our air duct cleaning also includes your dryer vent and brand new filters for no additional fee. Contact us for a free estimate.

Get A Free Estimate

Use the Quick Estimate to receive a quick estimate, or for those ready to schedule an appointment, complete the Detailed Estimate and we can get you an exact quote and availability.

We plant A tree with EverY service!

Every tree makes a positive impact for nature, wildlife, and people. Eco Home Heroes is honored to support reforestation with one tree planted as part of our commitment to sustainability. Trees clean our air and water, provide homes for wildlife, and contribute to our health and livelihoods. That’s why we plant 1 tree for every job we do!

Visit to find information about the benefits and proper methods of air duct cleaning, tips for selecting a qualified HVAC cleaning professional, and how to avoid the scams.